Enjoying MILF Companionship

hotmilfIf a woman is below 30, chances are she has issues like insecurities or hang ups from her family. There’s none of that bullshit with milfs. If you still need more convincing as to why you should hunt down local milf for a long-term or short-term relationship, here are the reasons why.

She doesn’t have anything to prove

A young woman who just graduated from college has all sorts of issues. She thinks she’s a hot chick because she’s younger and better-looking. She is in demand, so she feels entitled to keep all sorts of emotional bullshit on the guys going after her.

The great thing about going out after big tits milfs exclusively is you don’t have to play that game. Women in their 40s or 50s have nothing to prove since they’ve already done it and made their own money. In many cases, they’re divorced, and they got half of that poor sucker’s money so you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off.

She’s truly into you

There are just so many bullshit games that young women may be into like money, car, or some sort of social status. With an older woman, you can tell she’s truly into you. Whether we’re talking about a purely physical relationship or maybe some emotional components, it doesn’t matter. What matters is there’s a high level of emotional intensity and purity there. Since she’s older, there’s less confusion.

She’s not into emotional strings

The best news about older women is there are no emotional strings: You can bang as many women as possible as long as you have a prior understanding with her, and she should be fine with it. Compare this with dating somebody in their 20s, she will probably freak out and try to kill you. See the difference? Good.

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